About me

Jani Burke is a Christian life coach, previously a real estate professional with 30 years of experience. She began her career in real estate as most Realtors do… Helping buyers and sellers through all of life’s circumstances. Sometimes through the joyous occasion of an expanding family, and sometimes through the pain of death or divorce. It was through this experience that Jani learned she had a passion for helping others navigate life. From there, she owned two brokerages, where she applied this passion to helping her agents and their clients realize their goals and dreams.

As God would have it, all of this led to Jani’s corporate role as Vice President of Growth, where her reach became national. All the while, the Lord (there is literally no other explanation) led Jani to a Life Coaching Certification Program by way of her own life experiences. While her overall story is an absolute story of God’s faithfulness, Jani has also experienced some very difficult, life altering experiences… And we all know that THIS is where the real growth of our faith, and in our lives really happens! Suffice it say, of all of the Biblical characters, Jani relates most to Joseph. In the pit… Up on the pinnacle…. In the cell… In the castle…. Oh wait…. Back in the cell!

Jani has come to understand that no matter what the circumstances may look like, God has a plan for each and every person who believes in Him, and more importantly, is willing to take captive their thoughts and minds in order to trust Him. This is where we experience Who God really is, and what He has planned for our lives!

On a personal note, Jani is ‘Mimi’ to three beautiful grandchildren who are the joy of her life. In her downtime, she enjoys using her gift of hospitality, exploring new healthy recipes and staying fit.