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Woman smiles as she takes in the outdoors

Habit Coaching: Effective Techniques for Lasting Change

Habit coaching is an increasingly popular technique that aims to create massive life changes by focusing on immediate and direct impact through the development and improvement of daily habits. This specialized branch of coaching can be an excellent addition to the offerings of experienced coaches or even serve as a great starting point for those…
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checking our watch repeatedly throughout the day is a sign we are stuck in our present

Get Unstuck From Our Present: A Simple Guide to Embracing Change

Life is an exciting journey, full of twists and turns, but sometimes we can find ourselves feeling stuck in a rut, unsure of how to move forward. This can lead to feelings of stagnation and frustration, hindering our ability to progress and thrive. The good news is that there are strategies and methods we can…
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Be open to receive the word of change and get unstuck from your opinions

Get Unstuck from Our Opinions: A Guide to Open-Minded Thinking

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of thoughts, unable to break free from your own opinions? In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get stuck and feel overwhelmed by the vast array of information and differing perspectives. This can make it difficult to grow and progress since we are unable to remain…
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hands on a Bible - the best way to get unstuck is through Jesus, Scripture and prayer

Get Unstuck with Jesus: Find Spiritual Guidance and Freedom

It's not uncommon to find ourselves feeling stuck at various points in our lives, especially when faced with obstacles and challenges. In these moments, it's crucial to turn to Jesus for guidance and support. By focusing on Jesus and His teachings, you can find the strength and wisdom needed to get unstuck and continue on…
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Woman smokes with city skyline behind her - we can be stuck in bad habits that prevent our growth

Get Unstuck from Our Habits: Simple Steps for Lasting Change

Feeling Identify Root Causes of Feeling Stuck To get unstuck from our habits, it's essential first to understand the root causes. Being aware of what's holding us back can help us develop a plan to overcome these obstacles. Habits and Routines One of the main culprits that can keep us feeling stuck is our habits…
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dancer strikes a silhouette - sometimes we have to simply move in order to free ourselves

Get Unstuck From Our Futures: The Essential Guide to Moving Forward

Feeling stuck in life can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Whether it's in our careers, relationships, or personal growth, it's essential to find ways to break free from this mental state and move forward. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies for getting unstuck and reclaiming control of our futures. By understanding…
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Urban street showing a tangle of power lines. At times our plans entangle us, however well intentioned they may have started

Get Unstuck From Our Plans: Simple Steps to Break Free and Move Forward

Feeling stuck in our lives is a common experience. We've all been there, unsure of what to do next or how to overcome a hurdle in our plans. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and trapped in our current situation, but rest assured, there are ways to get unstuck and make progress toward our…
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cat snuggles under a blanket - we can be too comfortable and be stuck

Get Unstuck from Our Comfort: Simple Steps to Embrace Change and Growth

Many people often find themselves feeling stuck in their comfort zones, hindering personal growth and overall life satisfaction. This state of being stagnant in our daily routines can prevent us from seizing various opportunities and experiences that might otherwise enrich our lives. It's essential to recognize the symptoms of this rut and actively seek ways…
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closeup of woman's face, a tear streaming. Getting unstuck from pain and releasing it.

Get Unstuck from Your Pain: Practical Tips for Healing and Moving Forward

Life often throws curveballs at us, in the form of physical or emotional pain. We tend to get stuck in these situations, struggling to find a way out and move forward. Sometimes, the key to getting unstuck from our pain lies not in ignoring it, but rather in understanding it and using specific strategies to…
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