Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Christian life coach do?

A Christian life coach works with Christ followers to break through life barriers that are keeping them from the abundant life that God has so clearly promised throughout Scripture.

This abundant life is not represented by material things, although the Lord has a long history of providing such blessings. Rather, the abundant life is discovered in ‘taking every thought captive’ to Christ. In doing so, bondages are broken, anxiety relieved, relationships can be healed, and true peace can be found.
Note: Christian life coaching is not a substitute for counseling/therapy in cases where an individual is in an abusive situation, or in an addictive situation. A Christian therapist would be most appropriate in situations where individuals are not functioning or not functioning well. A therapist will get them back on solid ground, and sometimes beyond.
A coach on the other hand, steps in to help functioning people who are seeking to resolve circumstantial issues that they are struggling with, or simply to help individuals rewire the negative neural pathways that are not serving them, by teaching them to manage their mind in light of God’s Word.
How much does a Christian life coach cost?

Please schedule a free consultation with Jani in order to discuss your personal needs and situation. Prices will vary depending upon personalized needs. 

Is it worth hiring a life coach?
Only you can determine the answer to that question. That said, books are great. Workbooks with exercises are also helpful. Yet while books and exercises might challenge your thinking, often, in the areas where we tend to spiral out or get stuck, our own thoughts are so ingrained that it is very rare to experience real life change using these tools alone.
That is where a life coach comes in. It is the role of the coach, NOT to tell you what to think, but rather help you discover where you very own thoughts are what is holding you in that space that you so desperately want to break free from.
A skilled Christian life coach takes the same method as a secular coach might use, while also holding your thoughts up to Scripture and all that God has to say about the matter in order to help you discover true freedom and peace, regardless of your circumstances.
Do you need a degree to be a Christian life coach?
No, a degree is not necessary. That said, it is highly recommended that your coach be certified by a reputable Life Coach School. Coaching is an acquired and specific skillset that has become more refined in recent years. If you are going to engage in life coaching, please take time to interview your coach thoroughly.
What is a fair price for a life coach?
It depends upon the client.
Generally speaking, the range for general life coaching will range from $100 – $250 per session.
Interestingly, there is a corporate trend to hire life coaches, where the cost may be up to $500 per session.
At this point, Jani strives to keep the cost as affordable as possible for her clients. Please schedule a free consultation in order to determine if life coaching is for you.
How many sessions do you need with a life coach?
This is highly personalized based upon the needs of a client. If there is a specific issue that the client wishes to address, results may be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. If a client wishes to revamp their career, personal life, etc., the timeline will likely be longer. 
This is why it is so important to discuss your personal needs with Jani in a free consultation, as there is no ‘one size fits all’. 
What are the benefits of a Christian life coach?
Our brains like to be efficient. Yet in that state of efficiency, there may be many ‘thought errors’ that are derailing your life goals and relationships without you being able to recognize it… Even your relationship with yourself and the Lord.
The greatest benefit Christian life coaching is growing into a place of being able to self-coach, by recognizing your thoughts and having the tools to change your thinking in order to better serve you, your family, and the Lord.
Ultimately, it is the SKILLSET of truly being able to take every thought captive!
Christian life coaching can be absolutely transformational. Jani experienced this in her own life, which is why she is so passionate about helping others.
How long does a life coach session last?
Individual sessions are 45 minutes. 
How much should you spend on a life coach?
That will be completely up to the client. Jani will never pressure anyone to spend beyond what they can afford or want to spend. 
Is life coaching better than counseling?
Counseling and coaching are two very different things and should be recognized as such.
Think of counseling as being injured on the field and needing the team physician in order to heal before getting back in the game.
Think of coaching as the person who comes along side of you while you are in the game in order to help you breakthrough barriers and succeed at the highest level.
Are Christian life coaches biblical?
Throughout Scripture, Christians are encouraged to seek help from other believers. We see that the Lord commonly used one person to develop another. For example, the sons of prophets were developed by another prophet. Jesus developed his disciples, and Paul developed Timothy.
What is the difference between a life coach and a Christian life coach?
A general life coach will utilize a specific methodology in coaching their clients. There is nothing right or wrong about this approach, but as Christ followers, it is inherently only going to take the client so far because without the context of the Lord’s perspective, the results will be incomplete. 
What does the Bible say about coaching?
Scripture is clear that true knowledge and wisdom come from God. Yet God historically and consistently uses other believers to disciple one another, redirecting our hearts and minds back to Him in order that we will be able to receive His knowledge and wisdom. 
What type of person needs a life coach?
There is honestly not person on the planet who would not benefit by having a skilled life coach, as we are all lost and in need of godly perspective on daily life issues. Only an individual can decide if they need a life coach. 
The ideal candidate for life coaching is open to being challenged without trying to defend their position on an issue. That can take time, which is the skill that Jani is passionate about teaching her clients, as they will find themselves approaching life’s circumstances in a much healthier manner for years beyond their coaching experience. 
What problems do life coaches solve?
Life coaches can address a variety of life circumstances.
Many clients are struggling with personal issues, relationship issues, and career path questions.
Jani has an extensive entrepreneurial background, so she is also skilled at helping clients navigate business issues.
What is a life coach not allowed to do?
A life coach needs to absolutely respect the line where a client would be better served by a therapist/counselor. For instance, if a client is exhibiting any type of dangerous behavior, to themselves or others, a life coach needs to redirect that client to the appropriate resources for help.
A life coach cannot (unless also a licensed physician) prescribe any type of medication.
What is a spiritual life coach vs. a Christian life coach?
While these terms might be used interchangeably, a ‘spiritual’ coach might encompass many approaches to faith. 
A Christian life coach operates purely from the knowledge of, and a personal relationship with the resurrected Jesus Christ, believing that God’s Word is true…. All of it… And that from His Word, He reveals to us both Who He is and how He wants us to live and serve Him.